Salamander Amphibious Vehicles

The New Salamander Amphibious Passenger Vehicle

About the Salamander

The Salamander APV has a number of design features:

  • Designed to EU standards for both road and marine;
  • Euro VI engine emission standards compliant;
  • Built to ships classification standards I,e DNVGL and S.I 274:1985;
  • Suitable for fresh, brackish or saltwater conditions;
  • Modern vehicle utilising a MAN, high quality chassis and drive train;
  • Certified to operate in class C/Zone 2 waters i.e. 1.2m wave height;
  • Carries 36 passengers plus 2 crew;
  • Width 2.5m, Length 10.9m, Height 3.6m, Weight 15t laiden;
  • Access for persons with limited mobility;
  • Weather independent - fully enclosed and air conditioning available;
  • Speed - land = 90km/h water = 7 knots (approx)
  • Completely customisable to customer requirements;
  • Four-wheel drive option;
Amphibious Vehicle Design + Manufacture

We design and manufacture the next generation of amphibious vehicle, the Salamander.

Bespoke Fit Out Services

We offer a range of fit out services to help you achieve the design and aesthetic of your vehicle just right

Support Services

Salamander AV offer a range of post-purchase support services to help you get the most out of your APV including full training and maintenance contracts. We are also the only APV company to also offer a fully franchised model through its sister company, City Splash Tours.

Innovative Features
  • 10% buoyancy by way of foam compartmentalisation, therefore remaining afloat even in a fully flooded state
  • Uses mechanical sponsons to provide additional stability in the water. Sponsons are housed on the roof of the the vehicle during road transit before being lowered to water level for the maritime portion of the tour
  • Bespoke cooling system (patent pending)
  • Bespoke electrical system
  • Twin propeller propulsion system, powered by hydraulics, providing increased maneuverability in water.

Our Partner

Salamander AV is the exclusive provider of APV’s to City Splash Tours, for the purpose of city sightseeing tours.

City Splash are utilising the Salamander vehicles to facilitate the expansion of their splash tour model across Europe and beyond!

City Splash Tours