Salamander Amphibious Vehicles

Salamander Amphibious Vehicle FAQs

How many passengers can The Salamander transport?

36 passengers (including provision for 2 passengers with limited mobility) plus 2 crew members.

Does The Salamander have access for persons with limited mobility?
Yes, The Salamander has incorporated the latest technologies allowing wheelchair access in a friendly, comfortable and discreet manner.
What are the vehicles standard dimensions?
  • Weight (Empty) ◦12,000 kilograms
  • Weight (Max) ◦15,000 kilograms
  • Width ◦2.5 metres
  • Length ◦10.9 metres
  • Heigth ◦3.6 metres
What fuel type does an amphibious vehicle use?

The vehicle runs on diesel and has an extremely efficient fuel consumption ratio using a MAN engine with a Euro VI emissions standard certificate.

What licence is required to operate The Salamander?

The Salamander is classified as an M3, class 1 vehicle on the road and a vessel on the water. Please contact the relevant marine and road authorities in your jurisdiction to understand the relevant licenses required to operate The Salamander.

What classes of water is The Salamander permitted to operate within?

The Salamander is certified to operate in waters up to a wave height of 1.2m in the below classes of water:

  • EU: Zone 2
  • UK: Classes A ,B & C
  • Ireland: Smooth and Partially Smooth waters

Note that the areas, times and any conditions of operation are defined by the operating licence issued by the relevant marine authority.

Can the vehicle operate in the sea?

Yes, the Salamander is suitable for fresh, brackish and salt water. The vehicle is certified for zone 2, Class C waters up to a wave height of 1.2m.

How much does an Amphibious Vehicle cost?

Please contact us for a quote

How can I place an order?

Please contact us to receive an official quote. A 35% deposit is require to secure an order with the balance of 65% required prior to shipment.

What is the lead time on delivery, once an order is placed?

Once an order is received and secured with a deposit, lead time for delivery is 16-20 weeks.

What kind of warranty is offered?

We currently offer a standard 2 year warranty on all vehicles sold, subject to terms and conditions.

Do You Offer Vehicle Finance?

While we do not provide financial support directly, we can recommend finance houses with pre negotiated preferential financial rates.

Are There Any Particular Requirements For The Slipway?

The slipway should:

  • Be at a slope no greater than 8 degrees
  • Wide enough to accommodate the vehicle, 4m+
  • Made from concrete or similar
  • Length should allow entry water at low tide
  • Have space for a turning circle at the top of the slipway to allow safe entry and exit
What warranty comes with the vehicle?

All vehicle sales come with a 2-year warranty

Do You Offer A Maintenance Support Package?

Yes. A maintenance support package is available. Salamander AV will identify local service agents to facilitate in the maintenance of the vehicles. All purchasers will be given an approved supplier list (ASL) from whom to purchase parts.

Where can I view The Salamander?

The first Salamander will be joining the Viking Splash amphibious fleet in Dublin in June 2017. We would welcome you to Dublin to take a tour on vehicle itself and see all it has to offer. Alternatively, we would welcome you to our facility in Belfast to view our production process and understand how we have designed and manufactured the next generation of amphibious vehicle. Please contact us directly to arrange a visit to wither Dublin or Belfast.


For more detailed information on the new vehicle, download the spec sheet below.