Salamander Amphibious Vehicles


The new Salamander can be easily outfitted for a range of applications. Get in touch today to discuss your specific needs!

Splash Tour Industry

The splash tour industry is highly fragmented. Currently there are approximately 59 city style operations worldwide, owned by 50 operators, utilising approximately 285 vehicles. The majority are single city operations and the vehicles used vary from city to city. A majority of the vehicles used today are original DUKWs from WWII or amended models. Currently there is little regulation in place that deals specifically with amphibious passenger vehicles anywhere in the world. Creation of splash tour operations has been limited due to a lack of adequate vehicles and expertise in the marketplace. The new Salamander vehicle unlocks the opportunity for City Splash Tours to open operations in cities throughout the world and with their operational expertise and management backing, become the global market leader in amphibious tour operations.

Water Crossings

Salamander has the unique ability to travel on land and water with only a suitable slipway required as a water access point.

This makes it an ideal solution for river/ lake crossings or short land hops as a suitable mode of transport as there is little infrastructure required.


Tourist Attractions

Salamander can provide a unique way for visitors to see unexplored areas of your attraction or simply provide a quicker or more novel way to get around.


Rescue/Flood Relief Industry

The Salamander can be easily adapted to a multi purpose rescue vehicle. This platform vehicle will be able to accommodate a range of bespoke pods on a plug-and-go basis. The unique feature of the rescue vehicle is its ability to adapt to the incident in question.
Pods are designed to provide the existing emergency services with additional resources at the scene. They are multipurpose by the nature of their design and the range of pods will cater for responding to the nature of the incident as requested by the emergency services. They are designed to be used by trained emergency responders.