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Salamander AV was established by European Amphibious Vehicles in 2012.European Amphibious Vehicles own City Splash Tours (CST), an amphibious tour operator providing entertaining city sightseeing tours, using amphibious vehicles on both land and water. CST are highly experienced, successful operators in the sector and have been for over 10 years. Their current working model, Viking Splash Tours located in Dublin , Ireland carries over 115,000 passengers per annum. Viking Splash uses seven reconditioned WWII amphibious army vehicles (DUKWs). The distinctive yellow DUKWs are extremely recognisable on the streets of Dublin and have become a national institution among locals and visitors alike.
While the DUKWs are still in good working condition, expansion of the Dublin operation and servicing these vehicles has proved difficult due to the limited availability of DUKWs and their respective spare parts Worldwide. Rising safety standards legislation also put pressure on the requirement for a more modern vehicle. Research of the market for other, alternative amphibious vehicles highlighted the absence of similarly styled EU compliant amphibious tour vehicles in Europe. Hence in 2012, City Splash Tours parent company, European Amphibious Vehicles, established Salamander AV, to design and manufacture the next generation of amphibious vehicles, certified to EU road, marine, environmental, passenger and health and safety regulations. Salamander Amphibious Vehicles are revolutionising the splash tour industry with the introduction of this vehicle and unlocks the opportunity to open splash tours in multiple cities around the world.


Although Salamander AV was initially established to fill a gap in the market for suitable passenger carrying vehicles for the splash tour industry, it quickly became apparent that the vehicle has several uses in other sectors.

  1. Water Crossing Salamanders have the unique ability to travel on land and water with only a suitable slipway required as a water access point. This makes it the ideal solution for river/lake crossings or short land hops as a suitable mode of transport as there is little infrastructure required.
  2. Commuter Providing a timely and cost effective solution for commuters in congested areas of cities and towns with river or water constraints.
  3. Tourist Attractions Salamander can provide a unique way for visitors to see unexplored areas of an attraction or simply provide a quicker or more unique method of transport.
  4. Rescue/Flood Relief/Emergency Response Salamander can be technically adapted to become an emergency response vehicle, capable to undertake rescue and related relief missions in disaster affected areas, particularly flooding. This application of the vehicle is particularly suited to local authorities, civil defence forces and Non Government Organisations (NGO's).
Des and Fergal Rogers - City Splash Tours

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