Salamander AV are Revolutionising the Splash Tour Industry

Our new amphibious vehicle design opens up the opportunity to scale our proven business model across Europe

Our Competitive Advantage

Innovative Design

Salamander AV is building the next generation amphibious vehicle for the Splash Tour industry. ┬áMeeting strict EU regulations for both land and water operation, Salamander AV’s design is unique.

Proven Business Partners

RGI Leisure UK Ltd. has a proven track record of operational expertise in the Splash Tour industry leading Dublin based Viking Splash Tours to double digit, year-on-year growth for the past 3 years

Viking Splash Tours

Our sister Company, Viking Splash Tours, has a proven business model carrying over 100,000 passengers per annum. Operating in Dublin, it is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

Splash Tour Gallery

Our Services

The Salamander AV will be assembled in Northern Ireland in partnership with RGI Leisure UK Ltd, Viking Splash Tours and Invest NI.  Together with our world class executive and design team, Salamander AV will produce the new standard in amphibious passenger vehicles which will:

  • Comply with strict road & marine EU regulations
  • Provide a platform to roll out Splash Tours globally
  • Replace the old World War II fleet of amphibious vehicles currently in operation
  • Increase carrying capacity by 21%

Prospective operations partners in high potential Splash Tour cities can license the Salamander AV brand and vehicles allowing them to:

  • Leverage our manufacturing expertise
  • Access our proprietary technology
  • Access our operational best practices

Salamander AV, in partnership with Viking Splash Tours, will train licensees in:

  • Splash Tour operational excellence
  • Customer experience
  • Safety standards

Licensees will have a comprehensive support system to draw upon & ensure:

  • Operational up-time
  • Smooth splash tour establishment
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • All software support
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